Flash Fiction 81 word challenge

This was my submission to the Flash Fiction 81 Word website This one appears as Story No.059:   Stalker “Stalking? Is that what you said?” “Yes. I’m sure he was.” The old lady grasped the young constable’s arm firmly, looking from side to side with wild eyes, breathing heavily. The policeman gently prised her fingers… Continue Reading

Plotting or Pantsing: what is best for me


At last the  PROPER link to this final week’s competition  theme! https://thanetcreativewriters.wordpress.com/2017/05/23/plotting-or-pantsing-what-is-best-for-me/ Plotting or pantsing: what is best for me? Well, when I started I had no idea what I was doing. I just knew I had an opening chapter with a bit of drama and a good “hook” line, and an ending with a sort… Continue Reading

The thing I love most about Thanet Creative Writers


  The thing I love most about Thanet Creative Writers The giant screen was filled with an image of lush rolling farmland, and a backdrop of high green hills scattered with tiny white dots of sheep, like dandruff on a giant’s shoulders. In the foreground, in sharp close focus, hedgerows glowed with a glorious kaleidoscope of… Continue Reading

What mistake do I make most with writing?


What Mistake Do I Make Most with Writing? my entry for this week’s competition OK, now how long should a novel be? About 100 k words on average, I think. So on that basis, that means I’ve only got about another 10 thousand words to go – what’s that? Three, four chapters maybe? And I… Continue Reading

My Favourite Book Ever


My entry for this week’s theme https://thanetcreativewriters.wordpress.com/2017/04/25/my-favourite-book-ever/ My Favourite Book Ever? “ROGER, AGED SEVEN, and no longer the youngest of the family, ran in wide zigzags, to and fro, across the steep field that sloped up from the lake to Holly Howe, the farm where they were staying for part of the summer holidays. He ran… Continue Reading

Don’t, just don’t


My entry on this week’s theme: The One Piece of Advice That I feel Qualified to Give Reddit link Just Don’t Don’t stand…        when you can sit        on ceremony        for Parliament Don’t run…        when you can walk        with scissors               for Parliament Don’t walk…        when you can ride… Continue Reading

What stops me writing


My entry for this week’s theme https://thanetcreativewriters.wordpress.com/2017/04/11/what-stops-me-writing/ What stops me writing It’s my own fault. I suppose I was stupid really. And I’m supposed to be the smart one. Always been able to pull the wool over someone’s eyes. Ever since school days: for example, I had the girls absolutely convinced my father was a KGB… Continue Reading



This is my entry for this weeks theme ‘If I had wings and could fly’ Writing Competition: If I had wings and could fly   If I had wings and could fly   They looked up at the clear blue sky through the broad leaves of the beech tree, and watched the birds circling overhead. “You… Continue Reading

Whom do I admire?


This is my submission for this week’s competition  https://thanetcreativewriters.wordpress.com/2017/03/28/who-do-i-admire/   Whom do I admire? “I know it’s around here somewhere, quite close I think.” The hot, dry January air of the Blue Mountains hit my skin like a blast furnace as I left the air-conditioned four-wheel-drive vehicle. Miles Little unfolded his long limbs from the driver’s… Continue Reading

If I invented my own religion


Benj’s entry for this week’s competition  Momerath Irving Benjamin   The Second Book of Momerath Chapter 1  And the Lord Momerath spake, and his people did listen unto his mighty voice.  You are my people, and it is to you I give my commands. Let no man who reads my words disobey me. Let no… Continue Reading