What mistake do I make most with writing?

What Mistake Do I Make Most with Writing?

my entry for this week’s competition

OK, now how long should a novel be? About 100 k words on average, I think. So on that basis, that means I’ve only got about another 10 thousand words to go – what’s that? Three, four chapters maybe? And I know I’ve got a good story, with a dramatic opening chapter with a good ‘hook’, and I know where the end is going. So – just get on with it: wet towel round the head, keyboard in position, eyes down and go!

Hang on, though, better say a quick prayer to the Lord Momerath before I start, that should guarantee success.

OK, done! Now, right, I just need one more character to populate my novel. Needs to be a heroic sort – now let me see, whom do I most admire? Maybe a scientist – Einstein say – or maybe another writer? Yes, that’s it: how about H G Wells, the guy that wrote the Time Machine. That was a good one, maybe he’ll do. Or maybe…

Oh, Lord Momerath! I realise I’ve been sitting here for the last twenty minutes and I haven’t written a single word yet. What’s stopping me writing? How about I think about one of my favourite books, ever? Surely that would start me writing. Must think about something in my own genre, then I’ll just take wings and fly, fly away, fingers flying over the keys, brain soaring into the high blue sky of my imagination, sky’s the limit…

Damn it! I mustn’t get so distracted. Must tell myself – Don’t, Just Don’t! Why didn’t I get on with this weeks and weeks ago? I know what my biggest mistake is – it’s getting involved in writing short stories for that guy at Thanet Creative Writers! No more distractions!

Ok, that’s it then: time to really get down to it. (Hmm. Wonder what next week’s theme will be?…)


  1. Ha ha, nice bit of irony, I enjoyed that, it made me chuckle.

  2. A lovely demonstration of Procrastination ?. and the nearly impossible task of self analysis of choice, the more you look the harder it gets.
    A fruit salad of endless choice and views.

  3. I think perhaps the short stories are indeed halting the progress of the novel… Im almost certain of it. I would nail the big book, and then follow up on this short story.. 🙂 In fact if we see you on here again, you will be scolded.

    1. Thank you Matthew: most helpful comment on my work I think. Consider myself scolded!

  4. It may have been a mistake for you, but I have loved reading all your set tasks. Keep at it and stun me more.

  5. Oh Benj! You nailed it! This is exactly why my novel hasn’t had a look in, either, for the last 2 months!!

    This is so clever – I love the way you have linked in to every prompt we have had.
    Absolutely brilliant!!1

  6. That guy at Thanet Creative Writers absolutely loved this entry. He also thinks you should not let anything stop you writing your novel. I bet it is going to be amazing.

  7. Congratulations on winning week 10. Extremely well deserved.

  8. kentishramblerblog

    Belated congratulations and a very clever – and accurate – piece!

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