Don’t, just don’t

My entry on this week’s theme:
The One Piece of Advice That I feel Qualified to Give

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Just Don’t

Don’t stand... 

       when you can sit

       on ceremony

       for Parliament

Don’t run...

       when you can walk

       with scissors       

       for Parliament

Don’t walk... 

       when you can ride

       on the wild side

       into doors or lamp-posts

Don’t believe... 

       everything you read

       what politicians tell you

       in Santa Claus

Don’t  take... 

       what’s not yours

       no shit from nobody

       any advice from a poet




  1. Thank you for reminding us of the donts which we do need to be reminded of. A mini snapshot of Advice. Succinct and relevant.

  2. All the don’ts we need to do. Very clever. Although you appear to be qualified to give 15 pieces of advice. This may put you on a par with Buddha or possibly Claire Raynor?

  3. Advice from a ‘poet’? Whatever next! But I’ll be sure never to run with scissors, or for Parliament. Thanks ProfBenj.

  4. I liked this one, and it made me smile too.
    Worthy advice for anyone to follow.

  5. kentishramblerblog

    I was sorry to hear that about Santa Claus.

    1. it was either Santa or the fairies, so I’m afraid Santa got it!

  6. I love how you have done this. It has to be read twice to really get it all. So simple and yet says so much. Good job.

  7. […] To win this section you had to post a link in Writers of Thanet. This week was a tie between first place winner nwillcox and first place winner ProfBenj. […]

  8. Congratulations on best post, Benj.x

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