Making Memories

Making Memories

Today, we laid you to rest.
  No. That’s not true.
  Today, some unseen strangers
            burned a young woman’s body.

We knew you: I, too little and too late.
Frozen images flash on a large screen
            a precious baby – click
            a young girl – click
And, at last, a woman, now in moving pictures:
            speaking, laughing, dancing,
            all over a sad, sad song.
            but we have no picture of your broken mind.
Then - lost.

But I have lost a woman before,
    and I shall lose another.

So today,
in the warm, waning evening sun,
I walk with my wife,
        dodging bicycles,
        boats to rent, a cottage to buy,
        lost amongst the waterways.

        Lone heron on the weir
        Duckling flotilla by the old mill – click
        Sculptures along the shady path – click, click, click.

Hand-in-hand we walk in the dying light.
Making memories.